G Adventures Tradeshow Experience 2019

G Adventures Tradeshow Experience 2019
G Adventures Tradeshow Experience 2019
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For 2019, G Adventures has taken a new approach to their trade show experiences and has partnered with H-Line to develop an all new booth. The H-Line Panoramic system is a modular set of aluminum frames that can be configured in infinite ways  and covered with fabric panels and customizable accessories. One booth can be re-configured to suit many different footprints from small to large, and some or all of the fabric can be swapped out to target a new audience.

Different activations can be incorporated, from a green screen Photo Booth to a contest entry via iPad, and all booths had video screens, brochure displays and storage built in.

The ease of set up was a key feature we were looking for. All the panels come delivered in a wheeled crate, and are coded and numbered. All the staff need to do is follow the instructions document and snap them together in order. Set up times have come down by 80%, leaving more time to fucus on other elements of show preparation.

G-Adventures-Canada-10'x20'-layout-V1.3a_Part1 G-Adventures-Canada-10'x20'-layout-V1.3a_Part2 G-Adventures-Canada-10'x20'-layout-V1.3a_Part3 G-Adventures-Canada-10'x20'-layout-V1.3a_Part4 G-Adventures-Canada-10'x20'-layout-V1.3a_Part5 G-Adventures-Canada-10'x20'-layout-V1.3a_Part6 G-Adventures-Canada-10'x20'-layout-V1.3a_Part8 G-Adventures-Canada-10'x20'-layout-V1.3a_Part9 G-Adventures-Canada-10'x20'-layout-V1.3a_Part10 G-Adventures-London-Destinations-7x6-Rendering G-Adventures-Manchester-Destinations-55x4-Rendering

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