Boats & Busses

Boats & Busses
Boats & Busses
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G Adventures owns and contracts many types of vehicles around the globe. These boats and busses form an integral part of on trip operations and are often though of as a member of a trip. Not only do they transport from place to place, but they are the vessel to take you to some of the most inspiring places on earth.

Our boats range from mid size Expedition cruise ships to small island hoping yachts. We look at them all the same. How can life on board be as memorable as possible? Not to take away from the environment outside, the indoors must complement the experience the passengers get while on shore.

True story, we have passengers complain when they don’t get to ride on the Purple busses. Its a great branding initiative, with a real world purpose. When passengers are in an unknown area of the world, its easy to spot a big purple bus among the seas of people, buildings and local confusion. It creates a familiarity in them that seems to help calm the nerves of even the most novice traveller.

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