Leather Tool Bag

Leather Tool Bag
Leather Tool Bag
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This cmd about when I was looking to buy a new case to carry my everyday work essentials. There are lots of nice bags and boxes out there, different sizes and styles. But I soon realized I could easily make one for myself with scraps I had at home.

Some leather left over from a chair, the sleeve of a friends shirt and a couple snap closures would do the job.


Usually while sewing leather I’ll pre punch holes with an awl or nail, but this time the needle was sharp enough to piece the soft leather and lining fabric. A bit of contact cement healed the edges while I stitched them closed.


With the two sides sewn shut and opening cover flap edged, I cored and hammered a few snaps to hold the flap down. There was the option to use buttons or a tie strap, but the buttons make it easy to open and close. Im glad I used white, it adds a bit of life to an otherwise plain brown exterior, and it looks good with the inner buffalo plaid.


The flap fits over the top nicely, and keeps everything inside well. There is just enough room to clidd out a pen without undoing the flap, but won’t allow it to fall out on its own.


Everything I need in a typical days fits in perfectly with room to spare to add a few new cables or markers. If I were to do it again, I’d add a few cm’s to the flap so it hangs a bit lower, and double stitch the edges, just for looks.