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Carbon Lunch Box
Carbon Lunch Box
  • Evert Lamb
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I am developing a carbon fibre frame box to be used on race bicycles. This one is for the top tube near the handle bars and holds food, gels and other nutritional necessities. It’s called the Lunch Box.

The boxs are in early stages of testing, but will be produced in multiple sizes and shapes, to accommodate different bikes and rider preferences.

Eprime_Carbon_Bike_Box_03_08 Eprime_Carbon_Bike_Box_03_10 Eprime_Carbon_Bike_Box_03_09 Eprime_Carbon_Bike_Box_03_07 Eprime_Carbon_Bike_Box_03_06 Eprime_Carbon_Bike_Box_03_05 Eprime_Carbon_Bike_Box_03_04 Eprime_Carbon_Bike_Box_03_03 Eprime_Carbon_Bike_Box_03_01 Eprime_Carbon_Bike_Box_03_02