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Biom Shoes Photo Shoot
Biom Shoes Photo Shoot
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After struggling with various different pains and injuries over the past few race seasons, I decided to make a drastic change to my footwear. I contact the Danish shoe manufacturer ECCO to get a pair of their Biom A 2.1 Natural Motion running shoes.

These shoes take a completely different stance, no pun intended, than most other companies. Instead of adding extra foam and support to the sole of the shoe, they give you an incredibly low stance and flexible shoe. This will allow my feet to move in a more evolved natural motion, and over time, will eleviate my pains and allow me to run faster.

This adaption process will take at least 6 weeks, and I will be recording all aspects of here. Check back for details.

I got together with Robin of FourEyes Studio to get some action shots to accompany the articles. Thanks for the work, we can call it even now.

FourEyes Studio