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Case of Wood and Plaid
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Cassy and I were out buying some ink and brushes at Woolfits yester week, and came across a great project. I have wanted a nice briefcase for quite some time now, and this was perfect, after I made some major alterations. Here are some pictures along the way, and an explanation of what we did. I can make more, if you want one send me a message, and I can get started. I don’t know how much they would cost. $100.00 or so, less if you help me do it. It isn’t high in material cost, but takes a long time.

Here is a list of what you need:

Case, Stain, Foam, Padding, Fabric, Contact Cement, Chain, Brass Tacks, Small Brass Nails, Sand Paper (220 grit), Love and Time.

This is the order I used:

1. Take apart the case.

2. Sand for a long time.

3. Stain and hang dry.

4. Cut the foam and wood platform.

5. Cut the padding and fabric.

6. Glue the fabric and padding to the foam and wood platform.

7. Assemble and add accessories.

8. Make sure it all fits, and make adjustments.

9. Use it.