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New Photos: iPhone
New Photos: iPhone
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Since I have had this phone for over a year, I figured I should start using some of the native tools, and maybe even download some apps. I have used it for music and playing the occasional game and even as a phone, but the camera was only ever used when a proper hand held wasn’t available. The images are too low rez, the light sensor blows and I usually can’t bring myself to being one of those people holding up a phone just to get a crappy pic.

I came across Instagram, which is a camera optimizing app that allows you to add filters to your pics and post them to your favorite networking site, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and the such. I am not a fan of any of those sites, I avoided ICQ, never got Messenger and certainly am not a fan of Friendster, but the app does allow you to just save your pic in your Photo Album. You can either take a pic in the app, or choose one you had in your Album.

Here are a few I took with the app, some I already had, and one image I had made with another app I had called Reflect. My next task is to take a high rez pic with my G11, add it to the phones Photo Album and try to add a filter to it. I wonder what will happen, Spontaneous Combustion?  Massive Failure? Time Travel?

Note: Instagram does down sample hi rez pictures to 8.5″x8.5″ at 72 dpi. Too bad. However, no time travel occurred.