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Out Tripping in the Adirondacs
Out Tripping in the Adirondacs
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Its a long weekend here in Canada, so we took the opportunity to head to Keen Valley in New York State. My sister was there with her husband and their baby Emery, this was his first trip to the mountains. They also had their Norval friends with their baby.

Cassy had never been up a mountain before, so we jumped head in, with a 2762 ft climb as soon as we got there. No problem. We all made it with some slight rain and cold weather to boot. The plan for the week was to rest a day and tackle another climb on the weekend. Didn’t happen. We headed out Friday morning for what turned out to be a 7 hour hike over 3 mountains ( Lower Wolf Jaw, Hedgehog and Rooster Comb). We expected a long hike, but this one tested out legs and our will to live. I am so proud of Cassy, who with no complaints or anger took on the mountains and kicked their ass. We came across many new scenes, lean-tos, ranger stations and even a suspension bridge. Cassy faced her fears, and took the bridge one step at a time. Nice.

After the hike, we took and easy night of bbq with the Owen family. These people are the main reason we keep coming back to this region. I will have to do a whole post dedicated to them. Frank and Martha Lee are gracious hosts, and make the long drive worth it.

Saturday was our last day, and one to relax. We took some easy time on the beach in Lake Placid, and I got a bit of training in Mirror Lake on the Ironman Course. There was a rowing regatta in place to provide some entertainment as well. We then headed over to the Olympic Speed Skating Circle for a little sampling at the rib fest. We got there at the right time, and had the chance to do a little judging in the “BEST RIB” contest. There where 16 entries, and it cost $1 for 1 rib. I will just say I got my fill.

The night was another relax in prep for the long drive home in the morning.

Sunday started the way any other would, with a run up over 2500 ft at 7am. This was a killer. Within a few seconds on the ascent, my heart was over 180 bpm. I had to take it easy. I made it to the top, but had messed up my stop watch and had no time up, but got it worked out for the 25 minute descent. Back to the tent just in time to pack and head out on what turned out to be an 11 hour drive home. What a day, what a trip.

We are already planning our next visit, this time with the bikes. It is a perfect setting to get out and speed around by bike. Hundreds of kilometers of paved shoulder up and around some of the nicest scenery in the country.