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The Bicycle Film Festival
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The Bicycle Film Festival took place here in Toronto this past week. With events all over the city, from concerts to art shows, and the films them selves taking center stage. It is amazing to see the response to riding a bike and filming what happens. It seems that cyclists do have more fun than you other common citizens.
There was a huge turn out for all the events. Its nice to see that all the hard work and planning have paid off for Benny and the boys (and girls) at the BFF.
The big event was the showing of Where Are You Go , a movie following the 2007 Tour d’Afrique from Cairo to Cape Town. Directed by the Zenga Bros. (Benny and Christian) and their companion Brian Vernor, this 12,000 km trek takes 4 months from start to finnish, with an overall winner at the end. As they soon find, the tour is not so much about winning or even racing, as it is about survival and the experience of traveling a continent by bike. Wanting to leave some special lasting memories with the local people they meet, the boys decide to make one of their famous Tall bikes out of two brand new Steelwool bikes.
Amazing scenery and fantastic interviews with competitors and locals make the film an inspiring peice that makes you want to get out and make a difference in life, yours and others. Get out and ride a bike, tall or not.