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I recently got an application for my iPod called JD Reflect. Its a program that takes art work by Joshua Davis, digital arts master, and randomly combines images along your brush stroke ( your finger). The program decides the colour randomly ,from a colour pallet you choose. There are several different styles of art to choose from, Butterflies, Kimono, Coat of Arms, Stratoform… And if this wasn’t powerfull enough, you can then take your created piece and apply a kaleidoscope effect and move it around in a 3-D space.

I know that taking pre made forms and slightly manipulating them via iPod is somewhat slack design. But it if fun, and I keep making better ones as I figure out how each set likes being used. Some need to be pushed a little less than others. I am even starting to draw to music, to make a visual song. The only control I have is the beat and pace of the song, by tapping or dragging along the screen.

I am not claiming that this is in any way original art. What I am saying is that it was well worth the $3.99 I payed for it, and a hand for Davis for making it work.